Human interactions are a lot harder to manage than the numbers and the P&Ls. The soft stuff is always harder than the hard stuff. — Roger Enrico, Former CEO, Pepsico

Because People Make the Difference

Organizations gain their strategic advantage through people. The key differentiator to achieve your company's objectives — financial targets, market share, innovation, growth, brand strength, reputation, or customer service — is people. Excellence starts with quality leadership, with talent at all levels aligned and engaged around a common goal, working together in a culture that engages the hearts and minds of the team. Leadership, talent and culture are the key ingredients for organizational success.

Crosby Consulting helps organizations gain strategic advantage through human resources consulting and focuses on maximizing the special role that leadership, talent, and culture play in creating organizational effectiveness. People are not separate from the business — people are the business.

And just what is your company or business anyhow? It's not the name over the door. It is not a brand, a logo, or nameplate. It is not the product or the services you sell…Instead, it is the people who will (or won't) show up for work tomorrow morning, and the attitude they bring with them when they walk through the front door. It's their ideas, their sweat, their emotions, and their energy.

Bill Catlette & Richard Hadden, Contented Cows