Developed a 4-day experiential leadership development program for the top 750 executives at a global hospitality company. Created all content and messaging including a combination of large and small group sessions, presentation, video, assessment tests and supporting exercises, experiential learning, role plays, and individualized feedback. Personally facilitated the program to the top 500 Executives in the company (VPs through C-Suite). Program received rave reviews from participants and is still cited as a career-changing experience by many. Received the Corporate Achievement Award Innovation for design and facilitation of this program which has to date been delivered to over 5,000 leaders worldwide in multiple languages.

Conducted a 2-day offsite with an executive team to address interpersonal dysfunction, build trust, and align goals and business objectives for the coming year. Utilized Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, along with a team assessment, and other experiential exercises to create insights and encourage new behaviors. Concluded with a contract for how the team would operate moving forward. Received feedback from the client at a three-month follow-up meeting that the discussion that has the team was operating at an all high in term of cohesiveness, with better understanding of each other's mode of operations and how to work together to achieve the overall goals of the business.

Worked with the Division President responsible for $2B business on his leadership style and effectiveness, provided internal coaching support and external coaching resources.Worked with him and his senior team to get the issues on the table, enhance the effectiveness of their interactions, create a new rhythm for business meetings and other communications, and change the organizational dynamic.

Conducted team building for Executive Leadership Team, including Myers-Briggs facilitation with a focus on how to increase effectiveness of group process and working partnerships. Provided coaching to the CEO, COO and other senior leaders to enhance their personal leadership effectiveness.

Led a team of people to develop and conduct a 2-day custom assessment center to assess a leaders in a major automotive parts division of a Fortune 50 company, including in-box exercises, role plays, personality and cognitive abilities tests, and interviews. Results were used for placement, promotional and outplacement decisions. Detailed development plans were then created and implemented for all leaders selected for the new organization.

Conducted "lessons of experience" study with 100 senior executives to document their patterns of leadership success and the key experiences need to grow and develop future leaders. Results were used to develop future leaders by tailoring the career planning process connected to annual talent review to include these key milestone activities and as key messaging and content for core leadership development program, reinforcing the importance of leaders developing themselves and others through on-the-job activities.

Developed strategy and programming for external recruiting & internal development pipeline for key business unit leadership positions to support aggressive portfolio growth strategy that included plans for 200 new units (on base of 750) in 3 years. Key elements included college and MBA recruiting, fast-tracking high potentials, rotational assignments, mentoring, leadership development programs, and diversity objectives.

Designed and delivered leadership program for all executives attending the annual global conference for a mid-market hospitality company. Topics included building a service culture, social styles, guest satisfaction, associate engagement, performance management, and building your leadership brand in this hands-on, experiential session.

Conducted executive assessment of personality and leadership style for CEO candidates; provided feedback and recommendations to Board Committee. Worked with successful CEO candidate to create individual development and onboarding plan to aid transition into the new role. Designed and facilitated a CEO assimilation exercise for new CEO with his senior leadership team.

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Designed and implemented global integrated on-line talent management system including 360 degree feedback, performance management, talent review and succession planning for Top 1,000 leaders for a US-based multi-national company. Presented to Board of Directors on leadership bench strength and executive succession plans. This talent management process became the mechanism for the promotion and movement of leaders globally.

Partnered with the head of Human Resources for a global non-profit to develop and implement a new talent management strategy with a focus on capability – performance, potential and development – and engagement. Served as thought partner and prepared presentation materials for senior team and Board of Directors meetings. Assisted in the build out of key components of the new talent management strategy.

Brought in to turn around an underperforming HR function and take it from transactional personnel-related execution to strategic human capital business partner. Began with assessment of the current state using key people metrics including turnover, diversity, market data on benefits and compensation programs, and employee satisfaction data linked to business unit financial performance. Presented findings and strategic plan recommendations to Executive Team and Board of Directors. Assessed current staff and upgraded where needed. Reorganized HR team for closer alignment with the business line organization. Rebuilt HR and talent management infrastructure, including upgrade of HRIS system, Applicant Tracking System, all talent management suites (360, performance management, talent review and succession planning) and developed of an employee intranet portal.

Conducted a detailed benchmarking study on learning and development strategies and programs and investments across the luxury hotel segment for an industry-leading company. Project work included: partnering with the client develop the assessment protocol, securing participation of target companies, conducting in-depth interviews with heads of learning from each participant company, analyzing results, and preparing executive summary report for participating companies, detailed report of findings for client organization.

Developed and implemented new team and leadership competency models as foundation for new performance management, talent review, and succession planning processes. Facilitated goal cascade process, performance review calibration exercise, talent review, and "names in boxes" succession planning process with the Executive Team. Partnered with the CEO to lead the culture change associated with the implementation of these programs in an organization that had not conducted talent management in a rigorous fashion previously. Prepared summary of results and recommendations; presented to the Board of Directors.

For a global investment company, developed strategy to transform the recruiting function, including brand, strategy, structure, people, process, and operational effectiveness with goals of reducing cost, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness and enhancing the quality of hires as part of a strategic business imperative to grow the workforce by 30 percent in one year. Led the implementation of a new Applicant Tracking System as well as supporting process redesign, communication, and change management.

Consulted with a global sales organization to redesign their people processes in support of a new sales operating model. Work included role redesign, selection testing and interview guide development and validation, revised performance management process including both qualitative and quantitative measures, and overhaul of the compensation and sales incentive programs to drive the new desired behaviors.

Worked with an employee retirement fund manager to design, develop and implement a new performance management process for all employees in the organization, including development of core competency model, system design and development, supporting policies and procedures, training, communication, and implementation.

Partnered with a major US bank to assess the current state of its talent acquisition function, including voice of the customer, operational model, process, technology, and performance monitoring. Provided detailed report including insights on key issues and challenges, along with comprehensive recommendations for improvement that became their roadmap for change.

Worked with a national healthcare provider to develop a learning strategy in support of the new business direction. Steps included assessment of the current state via stakeholder interviews and survey analysis, future needs assessment, and recommendations on organizational structure, roles & responsibilities, build versus buy strategy, design and delivery models. Project culminated in presentation to CEO and senior executive team, where recommendations were unanimously adopted.

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Worked with CEO and senior team of the US Private Bank within a major global financial services organization to implement a cultural shift with greater emphasis on sales and cross-selling of existing accounts. Designed experiential development program focused on sales styles and reading your customer; worked with the senior team to define their role and commitments in coaching and reinforcing the desired behavioral and cultural changes; assisted with the thought process on appropriate compensation levers and bonus targets to drive the desired change; facilitated the senior team's review and action planning against a recent engagement survey to enhance communication and increase employee engagement and satisfaction moving forward.

Worked with the senior management team of the US division of a global non-profit organization to define their desired future cultural state, assess the current state and identify key gaps, develop action plans to address – including defining manager accountabilities and expectations, a new performance management process, communications audit, and talent management strategy development. Assisted with follow-up engagement survey and analysis to measure progress to date and additional areas for improvement.

Led the design and implementation of the people components of new brand strategies for seven unique hotel brands as part of Building World Class Brands strategic initiative within an international 800 hotel company. HR system redesign included e-recruitment, selection system design & validation, on-boarding & orientation, service culture & leadership training, branded employee recognition programs and key people metrics tied to incentive programs. Gave numerous presentations on initiative to the Board of Directors, external owners and internal stakeholders. Programs resulted in measurable improvements in employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

With a cross-divisional and cross-functional team, implemented a global annual engagement survey in over 40 languages to benchmark engagement of 125,000 associates worldwide. Results were used for action planning and culture change and linked to manager compensation. Enhancements included audio-voice over to address language and literacy issues, 100% electronic data collection and reporting (reducing administrative burden and costs associated with the previous paper administration), and an on-line action planning tool and best practice library. Conducted multi-year service-profit chain analysis demonstrating the relationship between employee engagement, customer satisfaction and financial performance and presented at world conference to over 1,000 leaders.

Designed and led the facilitation of a hands-on experiential exercise for over 1,000 leaders at a global conference to reinforce messages related to a leader’s role in engaging the team and ensuring the mission and direction are clear to all. In addition to designing the experiential exercise, led facilitator training for 40 HR professionals and line leaders to execute the two hour event conducted with 1,000 leaders simultaneously.

Facilitated a cross-functional 3-year business strategic planning, including creation of business case and strategic plan for human resources function in support of new business strategy. Worked with the Executive Leadership Team to define new direction for the business, including pricing strategy, sales process, focus on customer experience, and service delivery. Built out HR systems in support of the new business strategy, including role redesign, new sales compensation system, service training, and customer satisfaction metrics tied to a new service incentive program.

Worked with the executive team of a mid-market hospitality company in the midst of significant shift in its approach to business and reinvention of the company to compete in today’s business landscape. Focused on desired culture moving forward in support of this new business model and gap analysis from the current state. Defined desired core values and competencies moving forwarded. Developed communication plan and presented on the importance of culture at annual General Managers meeting. Assisted in the design of new performance management process in support of the new desired cultural direction.

Assisted a leading medical device company in defining its employment brand and value proposition to attract the best global talent. Work included focus groups with recent hires and current employees to better understand the attraction points and recruitment obstacles for company and location, with an emphasis on both the emotional truths and the rational facts that informed their decision to join the organization. Summarized key findings to inform creative treatment and talent acquisition collateral development including a new recruitment website.

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